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Articles > All You Need to Know about Hair Follicle Drug Testing
Hair drug testing gives an opportunity to find out whether a person abused drugs within last 90 days or not. It is a way to get all the answers to the questions concerning one?s drug history.

About Hair Drug Testing

All is needed to carry out the test is to have a strand of person?s hair. Either a teenager?s parents or employers can use this method to find out more about a particular individual. A collected hair sample must be put in the envelope and sent to the laboratory for an examination. This method is fast and very accurate in comparison with some other methods.

In case of drug use the traces of chemical substances are present in each hair, making it possible to detect if the person have used drugs within few last months. Hair drug testing is preferential to saliva or urine testing that can detect drug use only within few past days. After the testing you are either notified by your employer about the results, either you can call in and find out them yourself.

What Types of Drugs Can Hair Test Detect?

Hair drug testing method is capable of detecting almost all kinds of drugs: marijuana, opiates, PCP, ecstasy, cocaine, methamphetamines, etc.

Though hair drug testing is more expensive than urine or saliva, it is, however, more accurate and that makes it more appealing for an employer. In fact, it is as much as 10 times more accurate. Moreover, it isn?t as invasive as blood testing, or urine and saliva testing; just few hairs are enough to get a desirable answer.

Parents only benefit from hair drug testing. They can collect few hairs from a child?s pillow and submit them for an examination without making false accusations.

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