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Saliva Detox Kit for AMP, mAMP, COC, OPI, THC, PCP
Saliva Detox Kit for AMP, mAMP, COC, OPI, THC, PCP

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The Saliva Detox Kit created for BZO, AMP, mAMP, COC, OPI, THC, PCP comprises two Quick Fizz or Aqua Clean capsules, a bottle of Ultra Wash Toxin-cleansing, Pre-Vale capsules, and Saliva 6 Multi Drug test kit.


Avoid drugs, alcohol and toxins minimum 48 hours before using the kit.

To start the program of Saliva Detox, you should drink much water for a few days before the testing time. 48 hours before the drug test, you are to start using two Pre-Vale Capsules each two or three hours. Remember that you need to urinate as often as possible after taking the capsules.

Two hours before the deadline you should take Quick Fizz or Aqua Clean. Put a tablet in water (10 ounces). Swish the liquid in your mouth for 10 seconds for every mouthful and then swallow it. Do the same with the second tablet. The tablets are effective for 2 hours.

You can make a self-test with Saliva Multi Drug Test Kit, so that to check the presence of toxic substance in your saliva.

For saliva test to be successful you should utilize Ultra Wash Toxin-cleansing mouthwash an hour before testing. Swoosh half an oz. of the mouthwash for about two or three minutes. Spit out what is left. Do not gulp the product. You are to do same with the rest of mouthwash, 10 minutes before the deadline. Actually Ultra Wash is effective for two hours. It is a must to avoid any toxins, foods and drinks right after you have used Ultra Wash Toxin.


Frequent urination is required.

Drink much water for several days prior to the test day.

Also stay away from harmful toxins minimum for two days before the cleansing time. It is better to schedule your test wisely due to the fact that the results are quite temporary.


Pregnant or breastfeeding females are to check with the physician before starting to take the given product.