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Marijuana Info
How Long Does Marijuana Stay in Your System? Facts About Marijuana
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Articles > Some Facts about Marijuana You Should Know
Marijuana is a widely known and popular drug that is used throughout the world. It?s a natural drug that is made from Cannabis sativa plant. To receive marijuana, dried leaves, stems and shredded flowers are mixed into a drug of grey, brown or green color. Chemists have extracted the main ingredient of this drug and called it THC or delta 9 tetrhydrocannabinol. Marijuana looks like a mix or dried and grinded leaves and flowers.

Marijuana leads the list of illegally bought and used drugs not only in the U.S., but in many countries as well. More than one third of Americans have ever tried marijuana at least one time during their lives. The usage of this drug is common for various cultures throughout the Earth and references to it can be found in many historical books. This is the reason why marijuana has so many different names like ganja, grass, pot, cannabis, widow, weed, Mary Jane, northern lights, fruity juice, chronic, afghani #1, bubble gum and gangster.

Marijuana can be taken in a number of ways. The most widespread and popular one is to smoke the drug. For that purpose marijuana is rolled into a cigarette called joint. When joint is ready, it is put into an emptied cigar, pipe or water pipe and smoked. In rare cases marijuana is added to meals (ex. to bakery) or tea.

Marijuana is known to be one of the best relaxants. It significantly enhances mood, gives a feeling of joy and happiness. The strength of marijuana effect depends on the amount of THC in your system. If the level is high, you may feel hallucinations, euphoria and even paranoia.

Even though many people consider marijuana to be a safe drug, that is not so. You may suffer from various side effects that are different and based on the fact how long you take marijuana.

When you pot or just have had one, you may feel accelerated heart rate, bloodshot eyes, lack or coordination, dry mouth and red or swollen eyes. In rare cases you may have paranoia, anxiety or hallucinations.

In case you use marijuana on a regular basis a series of troubles may appear. First, marijuana involves into your mental abilities, decreasing your memory and causing difficulties in learning, thinking and keeping attention. It becomes hard to understand information and give detailed answers. Your physical health suffers as well as this way you increase the risk of different respiratory diseases. Other weak points are neck, lungs and head. By smoking marijuana on a constant basis you increase the risk of developing cancer of these body parts. Marijuana may also involve into your sexual sphere, causing decreased sperm count in men and irregular menstruation in women.

Marijuana is not as addictive as other drugs, but it really can make you addictive to it, especially in case you take the drug for a long time. Most common signs of addiction are anxiety, depression, low energy, irritability, aggression and a desire to smoke marijuana again and again. If you feel these, you may suffer from marijuana addiction. Unfortunately, there?s no cure from this kind of addiction and behavioral treatment, either group, or individual one is applied.

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