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How Long Does Marijuana Stay in Your System? Facts About Marijuana
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THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) is present in Marijuana (cannabinoids). The use of marijuana can give one of the following effects: anxiety, confusion, short-term memory loss, euphoric effects. The regular use might cause some long-term effects ? behavioral disorders.

Every day the drug is used by millions of people world wide. Moreover, marijuana has been proved to be even less dangerous than tobacco or alcohol. That is a positive publicity for marijuana and the number of consumers is on the increase. But obligatory drug testing at work forces people start looking for ways to hide the traces of the drug in their system in order to safe their jobs. More and more Detox cleansers hit the market and acquire high popularity.

The most wide spread drug testing method is urine testing, used by the majority of employers. The drug chemicals or their metabolites can be detected in person?s urine without any difficulty. The substances can remain as long as for 3-10 days in one?s system depending on every particular individual. The THC testing is based on the reactions that antigens and antibodies used during the urine examination come into with drug?s substances or its metabolites. The 50 ng\ml of THC marijuana in one?s urine is enough for testing positive.

The Detox products can in this case be really a salvation. There are available in the form or pills, tables, drinks and others. And, in fact, they are not hard to find.

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