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Articles > Detox Drinks - Are They Good For Cleansing?
Some officially permitted drugs are said to contain illicit components, though in small proportions. If one takes the test right after their use, he?s more likely to test positive because their metabolites are exactly the same as those of the prohibited drugs.

In order to pass the test one can take detox products: drinks, pills, tablets, etc. - to prevent toxin production in his body. The detox products will give you a 5 hour window and you must take them an hour before the test.

However, to get the better results, there are some tips: start few days before the test (if you are notified earlier) ? stop taking drugs, drink a lot of liquid, eat light food ? that will be helpful for dropping the level of toxins in your system.

On the test day, make sure you have taken detox pills or drinks, as that will block toxins for 5 hours. Also of a great help are pre-cleanse pills. Those must be taken 12-24 hours before the test day as they also reduce the level of toxins. It might be helpful to try the combination of different detox products ? pills and drinks and other. Make sure you have detox products in stock in case of unexpected testing.

The toxins are kept in fat cells and when they are being burnt the toxins are left on loose. Detox products temporally prevent human body from burning the cells, thus toxins can?t be traced, moreover, the detox goods are untraceable either and are effective for all types of toxins.

You probably should resort to detox products if you smoke more than 4 times a week.

If you weigh more than 200lbs it is recommended to consume 2 bottles of drink prior the test. However, carefully follow the instructions, because Detox is 99.6% effective if are taken properly. Remember to shake the product and afterwards in 15 minutes drink about 16 oz of water. It will take about 45 minutes to come into effect.


Stop taking drugs 48 hours before the test. It?s highly recommended not to take more than 16 oz of water every hour. On the day of the test consume normal quantities of food and drinks, but avoid products nigh in sugar. Try to urinate about 3-4 times after taking the Detox Drink. It come into effect already in 45 minutes and lasts for 5 hours, but the peak of electiveness is in about 2 hours. No matter what drug testing method is used, do not exercise that day and do not drink or eat food high in sugar, like fruit juices and etc. Detox drink taste better if are cooled in refrigerator.

Upon the acceptance of urine sample the temperature will be measured and confirmed by the NIDA ? it must be in between 91-97 degrees. If the urine temperature doesn?t coincide with these restrictions that means that either the sample was replaced or the water has been added to it.

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