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Many companies, in fact all of the Fortune 500 corporations require their applicants along with interviews pass drug testing. About 15 million people a year have to take urine, blood, hair, saliva or sweat tests before they get employed.

Urine samples are also used to define if a female applicant is pregnant, and if she, for sure, doesn?t get the job. All active military personnel undergoes the testing at least once a year.

Drug detecting time can be different depending on a number of factors: type of a drug, drug testing method used, person?s metabolism rate, health, tolerance and many, many others. Although, if you take marijuana only occasionally, your urine will be clean already in a week, but if you abuse it regularly it will take longer to detect the drug, but you are most likely to test positive. Moreover, a regular drug user has a higher level of tolerance to a particular drug; therefore, the drug excretion might be faster than in occasional user?s body. Lipid tissue might influence the drug excretion too. For example, skinny people have a faster metabolism, but not sufficient THC metabolite storage capacity. Due to fat conglomeration lag experience in excretion patterns is more likely at the same time making drug detection process more time-consuming. All the above mentioned things make the detection time different for every individual.

To test positive one must have 50 nanograms of THC metabolites per mL ? the standard set by NIDA. It?s important to notice that THC is not soluble in water, thus large amounts of water consumption won?t help you to get drugs and their metabolites out of your system. Moreover, water can only get one more intoxicated.

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