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Marijuana Info
How Long Does Marijuana Stay in Your System? Facts About Marijuana
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How long does marijuana stay in your system?

If you have ever tried marijuana, for sure you will be interested, how long it stays within your system. In general, this is determined by a series of factors that vary from person to person. These are your weight, health condition, metabolism speed, type and dose of drug you have taken, the degree of drug exposure, and some other facts that may be taken into consideration or not depending on ...   More... >>

Some Facts about Marijuana You Should Know

Marijuana is a widely known and popular drug that is used throughout the world. It?s a natural drug that is made from Cannabis sativa plant. To receive marijuana, dried leaves, stems and shredded flowers are mixed into a drug of grey, brown or green color. Chemists have extracted the main ingredient of this drug and called it THC or delta 9 tetrhydrocannabinol. Marijuana looks like a mix or dried ...   More... >>

All You Need to Know about Hair Follicle Drug Testing

Hair drug testing gives an opportunity to find out whether a person abused drugs within last 90 days or not. It is a way to get all the answers to the questions concerning one?s drug history. About Hair Drug Testing All is needed to carry out the test is to have a strand of person?s hair. Either a teenager?s parents or employers can use this method to find out more about a particular individ...   More... >>

Detoxify Now Or Be Unemployed!

Many companies, in fact all of the Fortune 500 corporations require their applicants along with interviews pass drug testing. About 15 million people a year have to take urine, blood, hair, saliva or sweat tests before they get employed. Urine samples are also used to define if a female applicant is pregnant, and if she, for sure, doesn?t get the job. All active military personnel undergoes th...   More... >>

Detox Drinks - Are They Good For Cleansing?

Some officially permitted drugs are said to contain illicit components, though in small proportions. If one takes the test right after their use, he?s more likely to test positive because their metabolites are exactly the same as those of the prohibited drugs. In order to pass the test one can take detox products: drinks, pills, tablets, etc. - to prevent toxin production in his body. The detox...   More... >>

Let's Take a Saliva Drug Test

We all make mistakes in life and some of these mistakes can have sad outcomes. Nobody?s perfect and one unfortunate error can ruin one?s reputation once and forever. In professional life the cause of that bad experience can be a drug testing, or rather to say, illegal drug use. Drug testing is getting more and more popularity and not only professional and amateur athletes have to undergo rando...   More... >>

THC Detox

THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) is present in Marijuana (cannabinoids). The use of marijuana can give one of the following effects: anxiety, confusion, short-term memory loss, euphoric effects. The regular use might cause some long-term effects ? behavioral disorders. Every day the drug is used by millions of people world wide. Moreover, marijuana has been proved to be even less dangerous than toba...   More... >>

Hair drug test costs approximately $100 - $500

Hair drug test costs approximately $100 - $500, which is certainly more than urine drug tests. It isn?t intrusive at all and is quite reliable, as doesn?t require privacy and makes falsification of the sample impossible. Though, it does not show the recent drug use, but detects drug use that occurred long time ago. All you need for a hair drug testing is 50 strands 1.5 inches long. The effectiv...   More... >>